Set of 2 - Barrel

Perfect set of Copper Mugs for Couples. Two Solid Hand Hammered 16 Ounce Copper Mugs with a FREE Copper Shot Glass.

Mostly people buys this as a gifts for their friends and relatives.

Set of 2 - Classic

Old School Design Copper Mugs for those who have a classic taste in design. Two Classic Style Hand Hammered Solid Copper Mugs will bring you a retro feeling while drinking The Moscow Mule.

People Love it in House Parties, Bars and Kitchen.

Set of 4 - Barrel

Our Best Seller in Copper Mugs. All time favorite suitable for Families, Bars, House Parties this Set of 4 Hand Hammered Solid Copper 16 Ounce Copper Mugs with FREE Shot Glass is a Best Deal.

You got party? We got the perfect Copper Mugs for you.

Why Moscow-Mix®?

About Moscow-Mix®
Team Moscow-Mix® works with a confidence over years of Experience in crafts. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

100% Hand-crafted Copper
Moscow-Mix® is committed to excellent quality and genuine craftsmanship. Almost Every Moscow Mule Copper Mugs are sourced from India, They Source it, They don't make it. We Moscow-Mix® are based in India and make Moscow Mule Copper Mugs from more than 10 Years. So you got the real deal.

Care Instructions (Also included on box):
Tarnishing is a naturally occurring process that happens when copper reacts with outside elements, such as oxygen, moisture or human touch. Because these mugs are made of real copper and there is NO LACQUER on the inside of the mugs, they will tarnish without simple proper care.
The easiest way to prevent tarnish is to wash the mugs with soap and warm water after use (do not wash in dishwasher) and then immediately towel dry. Avoid leaving liquids in the mugs for extended periods of time.
If tarnish does begin to occur, it is very simple to remove. There are a number of copper cleaners available. Alternatively, it can be removed naturally using baking soda and lemon juice or salt and vinegar and scrubbing with a wet cloth.

Love and Peace from Moscow-Mix®

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